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The Wild Women’s World of Online Bingo:

Why the Game is More Appealing to Women than to Men While bingo seems to be a British favourite, the simple truth remains that it is actually a popular game enjoyed by people  the world over. Initially, bingo was used by churches and social gatherings as a portal to obtain charitable funds. However, as time passed by and technology progressed, bingo quickly became somewhat of a sport, popularised  even further by the gradual emergence of online bingo halls. Taking a stereotypical perspective on the matter, bingo stands out as a woman’s game, played in (previously) cigarette-smoke-filled bingo halls where the women get more vicious with age. Moreover, while bingo has […]

Gmac to the rescue and will the Hurricane Fly again?

Graeme MacDowell  made it a great  end to the golf betting weekend as he landed a 40/1 winning golf selection from Nic’s Picks. Amazingly it only took one play off hole to win it as opposed the nine (!) that it took to settle things in Spain earlier in the day. Having watched it all afternoon getting increasing annoyed with the inability of David Horsey (a Racing post 2 point selection) to sink any putts I paused the coverage to do a few chores in blogger towers once it had been decided that there would be a playoff . To say I was annoyed with myself for missing out  as […]

The Bullseye Speedboat Moment

Readers of a certain age will be familiar with 1970’s (possibly early 80’s?) quiz show Bullseye which was one of the most popular shows of the time. The highlight of the show for me as a young kid was always when they  wheeled on a speedboat and Jim Bowen the host would utter the immortal lines “come and have a look at what you would have won” . The camera would then pan  to the stunned reaction  of two factory workers from the Midlands who probably hadn’t really ever  considered the idea of what they were ever going to do with a speedboat as they would  probably have to find […]


First off fair play to Adam Scott for winning the Masters at the weekend, after what happened in the British open a very popular winner . After he birdied the 18th he probably thought he had won it so to then go back out there and do it all again in a great play off took some balls. A superb tournament with plenty of controversy about slow play and also “Tiger gate” . For me the slow play is a the main issue  here as its killing golf everywhere and as a part time hacker it infuriates me when you get people taking ages over every shot, the criticism here […]

Westwood Ho!

Yes its that time of year again -Christmasters and a warm welcome once again for everyone who has landed here after googling “Racing Post Golf Picks ” or something similar . Unfortunately you wont find them on here as they would probably get quite upset if I posted them and I also haven’t quite given up hope of hearing from Bruce Mllington and perhaps getting an interview with Steve Palmer (Ive been holding my breath for quite a while now though Bruce). I personally downloaded yesterdays Racing Post on my Ipad and its very good as usual with a great guide to various aspects of the Masters.  Nearly as good […]

Slightly Hoff target

A close run run thing in the warm up to the masters in Texas with one point pick for both Jeremy Chapman of the Racing  Post and Bryan Nicholson of “nicks picks ” going close with Charley Hoffman. “The Hoff” was well placed going into the final round and at odds of 45/1 an exciting evening was on the cards. Perhaps as he stepped on the first tee he was thinking of Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra as he double bogeyed the first and was then always playing catch up. In fairness he managed to birdie 6 out of the last 8 holes which in any other event probably would […]

Feeling Blue

That will probably be the case for all those employees of Rank who worked in the Blue Square side of things with this mornings announcement that the sports-book was being sold to Betfair. When two companies are smashed together like this it normally only means one thing and that’s job losses. I’ve met some of the Blue Square people on various sports days out and they were all really nice knowledgeable people so I hope they are all well looked after. So what does it mean for Joe Punter? By now you should all have received an email of which the following made me smile: I am unfamiliar with Betfair. […]