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all quiet on the western front

A relatively quiet week betting wise as I rather unwisely volunteered to take my two teenage nephews paintballing at the weekend with rather predictable consequences – namely my entire body covered in bruises and me looking like i had had a major industrial accident at B&Q! This meant that opportunities to “get involved” were quite limited  although I did manage to get on AP Mccoy and he went on a nice little losing streak (he had a winner at Nass but I avoid Irish races) which means that I’m nicely ahead for the month on that project. Nics Picks fabulous run of  form came to an end as he could […]

Yes we Vati-can

Yes we Vati-can.  Ok First off  I’ll admit to having stolen that line from Paddy Power.   Strangely enough one of my favourite soings is called “Reverend Black Grape” (video at bottom of the page) which according to Wikipedia (which I obviously realise means it could be a load of made up nonsense) states: the song caused mild controversy when released because of its assertion that the Catholic Church was in league with the Nazis: “Oh Pope he got the Nazis, To clean up their messes, In exchange for gold and paintings, he gave them new addresses”. In addition, the song contains a brief audio clip of Adolf Hitler at one […]

Nics Picking them!

Who is this young chap I hear you ask? Well its none other than Bryan Nicholson whose twitter profile states: Freelance football and golf writer; Sports bettor, trader and editor of Nicspicks betting blog. Columnist for Unibet and Matchbook Media. First off I don’t know why someone who is called Bryan would call themselves “Nic” but quite frankly I don’t really care. (Edit- Bryan contacted me and its embarrasingly obvious: Bryan Nicholson). What I do care about is golf profit and “Brynic”  is delivering wheelbarrowfulls (Hang on a minute have I just  invited a new word?-I think I may have!) of the stuff.  His record before this weekend was an […]

Keeping it safe

Something a bit different today as I was contacted by the people at  which at first did seem a bit random but they had read a previous article about peoples accounts being compromised and felt that the below along with the graphic would make for interesting reading. Certainly if you have accounts across multiple bookmakers then the very least you should do is have different passwords for each and every one. I would also recommend changing these on a regular basis. The board over at TGT  has an excellent thread on the subject which is also worth a read. Here’s the intro: If you’re like most people, you probably […]

Shameless self congratulation

When what seems to have been an age ago I wrote this September 20th, 2010 Betting blogger Edit So this is the first of what I hope will be hope will be many posts and I’m all too aware that the average life of a blog is about 60 days. At that point apparently people get fed up with posting and the regularity of the posts becomes less frequent. I never thought I would still be posting 2 and half years later. I certainly didn’t think that I would be able to take a screen print of the page view tracker that’s at the bottom of the blog ( know […]

Holidays are tough

Its been a while since the last post as I was lucky enough to have a two week holiday in the Maldives with Mrs Blogger and then had a three day Gaming industry conference in London so opportunities to “play” have been very limited. Its always a tough call when abroad and you follow various services to decide what to do.  By this I mean do you give yourself a complete break , not look at the ipad/laptop , not place any trades bets or do you still attempt to “get on”?. Sods law comes into effect here in so much that you can guarantee that if you aren’t going […]