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First off can I just point out that the image here isn’t just an excuse to get a rather curvy backside/pornographic image on the blog- its an actual limited edition golf ball that is available on ebay (or was).Honest 😉 Anyway I can guarantee you that the above phrase  will wind the crap out of you this weekend if you are watching the Ryder cup this weekend. (I will be watching every moment and Mrs Blogger has already been granted “first dabs on our main TV  to watch chick flicks all weekend). I find it odd that golf, a game that regulates itself in such a tough way from a […]


No posts for a while as I was away for a week in the Portuguese sun but still managed to sneak on the villas Internet after playing golf every other day when Mrs blogger wast looking . Hugh Taylor had three winners while I was out there (and another today ) so although I didn’t get the advised  prices as they were all placed on Betfair, it still paid for a fair  few “Super Bocks”. More regular readers of the blog will know that I’m following  three  football services this year (Cassinis xx draws, Graeme Dands Football Analyst  and newcomer (to me at least) football but even though I’d […]


The comedian Stewart Lee is very much an acquired taste. Lee is the man who co wrote the Jerry Springer musical that resulted in accusations of blasphemy and death threats from the religious right so he is not afraid of taking on some rather sensitive subjects. This would probably explain his lack of mainstream appeal and if your idea of comedy is watching Michael McIntyre talking about how funny it is doing the ironing or Peter Kay rehashing the same routine (which admittedly was funny eight years ago)  then Stewart Lee is not your man. I saw him in Nottingham a few years back when he did a routine about […]

Basic Instinct 2: Counting the cost of blackjack (again)

The third in our series of articles from the Professor of Gambling studies at the Nottingham Trent University…. ————————— In a previous blog I looked at the psychology of following ‘basic’ strategy and card counting based on the seminal work by Ed Thorp. Compared with other forms of gambling, there has been very little psychological research into blackjack – about one or two studies per decade by my reckoning. In the 1970s, Dr. Nicholas Bond (who at the time was at the California State University at Sacramento, USA) did some research asking blackjack players some simple questions like ‘When do you take insurance?’ and ‘What do you do when you […]

Rock me Amadeus

This chap cost Fred Done a lot of money last night when he scored a first half hat trick against Chelsea in the European Super cup last night and also managed to hit the post twice! Bet Freds Hat trick heaven kicked in leading to orgasmic scenes on betting message baord all over the internet and sales of wheelbarrows (and disguises?) also went through the roof as lucky punters will have to use them as they vsist various stores to collect their cash. 😉 A word of caution though: Bet Fred have a rather convenient habit of sometimes not paying out quite as much as they sometimes should, as I […]