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An interview with “Big Don”

For today’s interview I’m delighted to have a world exclusive with the elusive “Big Don”! I’d seen some of the posts from time to time on MSE and  have always found them quite amusing. If you look a bit deeper you find there is actually a lot of excellent advice in the threads. I set out to track down the Don and after a number of failed attempts and non returned messages were giving up hope of ever landing the interview. However a new lead came up and I finally caught up with him. Reluctant at first I pestered him and here is the result. FTBB- Big Don welcome to […]

The losing run continues….

At just before 7.45 on Sunday evening I  sat down with my 11 year old football mad nephew and broke him the bad news. “What happens next is that England will hang on bravely before crashing out on penalties. This will happen  every two or four years for the rest of your life”. He asked me  why I thought that . A terribly disappointing night and not helped by the fact I picked up a nice sum  from Boylesports as a result of the penalty cash back offer. Talking of losing runs , Hugh taylors sticky patch continues ( its probably not unkind to say its a bit more than […]

Variance and Value

Regular readers of this column will know that I’ve been a keen follower of ace ATR tipster Hugh Taylor and have interviewed him here. So it may surprise people to know that I’m having second thoughts about continuing to follow his selections. My recent change in personal circumstances outlined in my last post has meant that it’s not possible for me to get bets on the selections the second they are posted and as a result I’m missing the value and therefore the “edge” that has served me so well (156 points  of profit in the year ending 31st may) although it could be argued that this might help preserve […]

It’s all about the in play Ray

I’m conscious that there haven’t been that many posts in  the last month which has been a combination of a week’s  holiday  and  sudden day job (back in the gaming business and enjoyable at the moment –I think). Having consulted with my marketing team I’m not going to change the name of this blog to “fulltimebetting when I get the opportunity but its evenings and weekends at the” as I’m not sure the domain name would be available. I’m still managing to get involved in various offers and Ray Winston and Bet365 came up trumps for me last night when his rather large head appeared on my TV screen […]

A Perfect Storm

per·fect storm noun perfect storm, plural A particularly violent storm arising from a rare combination of adverse meteorological factors A particularly bad or critical state of affairs, arising from a number of negative and unpredictable factors Quite bizarre that I was  going to write about a “perfect storm”  before last nights events in the Ukraine- never ever seen a game of football stopped like that before and wittily commented on by England cricketer Graeme Swann who tweeted the below (if your not a follower of cricket then it wont be  in the slightest bIt amusing. Graeme Swann ‏@Swannyg66 Am I hearing things right? The football delayed for rain? Why kind […]

A winning streak?

Slightly different blog post today as I will be escaping all things Jubilee related for a while (incidentally I hope you like the video) so its basically a bit of housekeeping with some links to useful information and a great free to enter competition. First off- the latest edition of the trend report is out and the guys have done the usual fantastic job of covering off all the angles if your going to get involved in the Euros. Well worth a look Next there are lots of offers on the tournament itself and the best are listed here over at . As usual these are a combination of […]