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Doubly Delighted

And breeeeeeaatttthe……. Well what a great couple of days of Champions league football with both games going right to the wire. I’m not the biggest Chelski fan so once they were one nil  and a man down (what was John Terry doing?)  I turned over and for once didn’t flick onto various media to check scores so was pretty gutted to have missed an amazing finish. Fairplay to Torres as I genuinely  believe that if he had missed that chance he would have been finished from a confidence point of view. What made the goal  even better was  the amount of time he had to think about it as he […]

Amazing Grace (again)

The racing post golf picks have been going through a pretty poor run recently so it was great to see Steve Palmer return to form in the Chinese Open when he tippd up Branden Grace at 60/1 and also managed to find the runner up Nicolas Colsaerts (18/1) and the 4th placed George Coetzee at 40/1. Superb stuff although it will be interesting to see what the headlines are in the racing post on Wednesday morning. I wouldn’t put it past them to have a big splash saying something along the lines of “Inform tipster Steve palmer does it again with 60/1″ winner” As with all things this only tells […]

Tales from the other side…….

Ashley Young is a diver. He doesnt “go down a touch easy” – thats what hookers do. He shouldn’t be booked for “simulation” he should be booked for cheating. He should be made to watch skillfull older players like George Best riding tackles like the one in the video where  Ron “Chopper ” Harrris tries to cut in him half but Best rides the tackle and goes  on and scores, Young  then needs to ask himself should he be wearing a United shirt. Im a United fan and its embarassing. Ok rant over- delighted to have another guest contribution and this time its from a bookmaker, so over to you […]

Keep the faith….

One man who had (has) plenty of faith in his life is eventual Masters winner Blubba Watson who pulled off  his own Easter miracle on Sunday when hitting out of the trees on the second play off hole to win the Masters. Fair-play to him as seems like a genuine guy and hope for hackers everywhere as apparently he has never had a golf lesson in his life (something I pointed out to my golf pro who came straight back at me with “imagine how good who could have been with lessons then?” ). From a betting/trading perspective it was a superb weekend as pretty much everything that our friends […]

A couple of masters

So how has it been so for you so far? cracking golf and still wide open in my humble opinion. First off without sounding too smug I hope some of you were on the back to lays in my original post on the Masters. For those too idle to check the post (I would as there is quite a bit of  decent Masters info on there) it was suggested to have small back to lays on the following: Louis Oosthuizen Angel Cabrera Fred Couples Thomas Bjorn Henrik Stenson All of them have traded at less than half the advised odds and in the case of Stenson and Couples have both […]


So The Masters is nearly here and firstly I’d like to apologise for the terrible title of this blog piece however I’m genuinely excited by this years tournament  and have managed to secure a four day pass from all my husbandry duties to get fully involved in it! Found the above picture in the Paddy blog- near the knuckle as always but very entertaining. So what have I done to prepare my self? A few things and seeing as you ask here are a few First off I’ve tried to make sure that I can get the most up to date information on scores and coverage etc- the people who […]

More of the same……

A tough month for the Racing Post golf picks ended pretty much as it begun- namely without any success and I’m hoping that the luck will turn in time for this weeks Masters. Mrs Blogger is currently trying to get her head around the fact that I will be working all over Easter, the issue here being that her idea of working is not me  sat in front of the TV watching the golf!!! There are lots of offers on at the moment (The best of which are listed here) and I’m in the process of building a nice book on Betfair to take advantage of these and also to […]