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Half full?

I’m not currently engaged in any trading or betting activity at all (I’ve only briefly checked some football scores so feel really nice and detached from everything) but have been reading some blogs while chillaxing at the beach bar and it was interesting to see that here has been a fair amount of debate  at green all over sparked by someone questioning the results that he had posted up for his draw selections, suggesting that he had inflated the results in some way as he hadn’t deducted the betfair commission. Ultimately it looks to have produced some healthy debate but does go to show that the gambling world is full […]


Cassini commented on his blog that he thought some of my draw selections were somewhat obscure and wondered if my next selections were likely to be from the Istmian league southern section. Well I would hate to disappoint him with a boring selection so my draw pick this week is that the kuredo island beach resort staff team will be held to a battling draw in the big 5pm kick off against the “guests eleven”. Bearing in mind the massive advantage the staff have with home advantage, insistance on it being played barefoot and the possible fatigue from the guests after rather long journeys to make the fixture it’s not […]


PPP: “piss poor planning leads to piss poor performance” or as the Geordie betting maestro is frequently heard to say “SISO” (Shit in- Shit out). Whether you are  still in the corporate world, trading for a living or painting signs, the above is so true and I had a very good example of it yesterday when I managed to enter trade in the Gurus trading room at the last minute after getting a pm to let me know that a trade was in the offing. I quickly got my geeks toy fired up and congratulated myself  as I got the trade into the market, unfortunately (as seems to be the […]


“In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey“. Beck. Loser.  Great song and just about sums up the last couple of weeks where it has felt that everything that I’ve touched has turned to whatever the polar opposite of gold is. Its easy to post up when your winning all the time and it might look like I’ve been sulking at home afraid to share my pain  with the world (ok perhaps a little bit)  but the reality is that I haven’t really had anything that interesting to say, I was away working last week  and the Hugh Taylor interview seemed to be quite popular judging by the number […]