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Hugh Taylor interview

For today’s post I’m delighted to have an interview with Hugh Taylor the very successful At The Races tipster. Hugh’s record is right up there with the best with 2010 bringing in an amazing return of 324 points. (Edit-Hugh achived his third consecutive year of profit with in 2011, registering a total of +302.64. With 96 wins from 669 selections Hugh achieved a strike rate of 14.3% and a Return On Investment of 1.28. The average price advised was 12.52/1.) If anyone isn’t familiar with Hugh’s work he posts up his selections every day (except when he has a well deserved break) anytime between 9 and 11 am.  The excellent tipster form site […]

Not so Amazing Grace

Steve Palmer from the Racing post has continued his amazing run and successfully picked Branden Grace for the second week running s at odds of 26/1 . A great result and even more impressive for the fact that he also had recommended Ernie Els who came storming up unnoticed to force a play off. His other picks of Aitken and Lawrie were also well in contention -Aitken led before falling away again (note to self is he a choker?). However this post is far from self congratulatory as when checking my Coral account to see how much I had won there was no sign of a winning bet – closer […]

“You cannot be serious”

As  a kid I loved John McEnroe- not only was he an amazing tennis player but he had the attitude to match.  The fact that he was sponsored by Sergio Tacchini made him the envy of every soccer casual the length and breadth of the country. His famous outburst (shown in the featured video section to the right) was unbelievable  at the time and to be fair still is. One of the comedy programmes at the time did a great spoof (features a very young Pamela Stephenson). One of my new years resolutions was 1) Learn and understand tennis trading and this year I aim to get serious  . With […]

Amazing grace

A terrible headline and pun but cant be helped and at least I can safely say Im not alone after looking at the weekends golf news where it appears that every lazy golf writer in the known universe used it! I’m of course talking about Branden Grace winning the Joburg Open as tipped by the Racing posts very own Steve Palmer at a nice 35/1. A cracking start to the year for Steve after he picked the winner last week as well. It was nearly a nice double as one of the American picks Charles Howell 111 came tied 2nd only two shots back although whether it would have been […]


Gene Simmons of eighties “hair rock” band KISS claims to have slept with 4897 women. This has no relevance to betting at all. In other news KISS is an often used acronym meaning Keep It Simple Stupid. I’m guilty sometimes of over complicating matters  (last year I was taking Pete Nordsteds drawmaster selections and backing them in ever increasingly complicated doubles and trebles and trying to lay them as well!!) and its something we probably all do from time to time  in that quest to find an edge.  Sometimes the best ideas are the most obvious.  The following may be an urban myth but my ex boss told me it: […]

More on

After my last post (which incidentally I’m not going to say any more about but thanks  for the comments!) caused a bit of stir I thought I would post up the dictionary definition of Moron. noun 1. Informal . a person who is notably stupid or lacking in good judgment. 2. Psychology . (no longer in technical use; considered offensive) a person of borderline intelligence in a former and discarded classification of mental retardation, having an intelligence quotient of 50 to 69. The bold is my own and  certainly applied to myself when I was using the excellent “Shirley” PMT tool at the weekend . Having put some nice £100 […]

Moron alert

Well it appears that my blog is not only read by my Mum as it attracted a nice bit of abuse on a message board on Friday . The blog is posted up in one of the sections there but I didn’t realise that by doing that I forced people  to read it. As that’s the case perhaps I should just start  inserting  random subliminal messages then… (sendmecashsendmecash) . I’m not afraid of a bit of criticism so I’ll post them up here, they are from someone who calls themselves “pokergod” (clearly someone with a low opinion of themselves). anyone else think that clown’s blog can be a bit moronic? […]

F A(ll) Cup

Well those bookmaker Marketing geniuses (see previous posts here) have been hard at work again and this weeks award goes to Coral for this beauty. Double your chances at Coral Back any Premier League team to win this year’s FA Cup and Coral will give you a free bet on a non-Premier League side claiming the historic prize. Wow! Before there is an almighty stampede to try and get your FA Cup outright bets on with them you probably best to be aware of this fact. The last time a team from outside the topflight won was Southampton in 1976. Cardiff (2008) and Millwall (2004) have made the final. Although […]


Firstly I suppose  I better wish all my readers a belated happy new year- yes that’s you Mum. Lots of bloggers seem to be using the new year to set some targets/objectives/resolutions for the new year so never having been one  for originality thought I would do the same. 1) Learn and understand tennis trading 2) Learn and understand cricket trading 3) Repeat the above time and time again. Write the same thing in 2013. Its also sometimes times good to use a naturally imposed break to review a few things and I’ve done just that with my “laying project”. I started this at the start of the season and […]