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17 Magic Darts and 50,000/1 bull

I like the darts. Mrs Blogger thinks its just an excuse for about 2500 (mostly) blokes to get absolutely hammered while dressed up in fancy dress which makes it a rowdier version of a Saturday of test match cricket. She is absolutely right of course and Sky have done a great job of making what is essentially a pub sport into sometimes compelling viewing. The late great Sid Wadell said this once “Darts is like a Christmas cracker. You need the wrapping more than the thing that bangs.”  Last night saw two great games in the semi finals with Michael Van Gerwen nearly hitting two nine darters in sucession which […]

Versatile Tidal Bay has big race hurdles and chase options

What!!? The world didnt end??? Its back to life   and back to reality then….. Boxing Day is always a massive day of racing so I’m delighted to have this excellent piece on Tidal Bay and his options over the next few months…. Versatile Tidal Bay has big race hurdles and chase options   The Paul Nicholls-trained Tidal Bay has been called more unkind names than nearly any other top horse in training, but he keeps on producing the goods and may now have a chance to switch back to the highest level over timber following the shock absence of the great Big Buck’s from the remaining Grade 1 staying hurdles […]

The End

According to the Mayans their calendar finishes on 21/12/ 2012 which is supposed to signify the end of the world .Heres the weather forecast. All good things come to an end so with the world ending so will this blog. Goodbye, good luck and see you on the other side- its been fun…..    

Good year of Golf

Historically Wednesday is always the day when the blog gets its highest number of hits when people who are using search engines to find either “Racing Post golf picks” or “Steve Palmer Golf picks” . Why they don’t stop faffing about and just buy the online edition I’m not sure and if you really cant afford to spend £2 on the post then there is perhaps an argument that says they shouldn’t be having a punt anyway! Anyway the golf season has now started its Christmas break (I was going to say finished the season however I noted that the 2 recent South African events counted towards next years race […]

Spot(y) the team?

team Pronunciation: /tiːm/ Translate team | into French | into German | into Italian | into Spanish Definition of team noun [treated as singular or plural] a group of players forming one side in a competitive game or sport: the village cricket team. This is from the BBC website a few days ago: “for the team in an individual sport or sporting discipline that has achieved the most notable performance in the calendar year. For the avoidance of doubt, this criteria excludes Team GB/Paralympics GB but includes the likes of British Cycling, Rowing Coxless Four and the European Ryder Cup team”. You’ve got to feel sorry for anybody who had […]


showing reluctance, especially when insincere or affected, to reveal one’s plans or opinions, make a commitment, or take a stand: With no posts for over a week you could argue that I was being coy about McCoy and you wouldn’t be far wrong. In the last post I mentioned that he had gone on a bit of run with 4 winners in 5 rides. If that wasn’t painful enough he carried on the run with 9 winners from 17 to wipe out the previous good start that I had made. I didn’t personally watch all the races he was involved in winning/losing although I know that in one of them […]

Critical test (Of nerve?)

Ouch indeed!! There’s no way of dressing up in a positive the news that the Champion Jockey has decided to get his own back on me  by winning 4 out of his last 5 rides that Ive laid. The post here showed AP with a bloodied nose and it’s now me who has been left reeling. Well I say “left reeling” but perhaps I need a sense of perspective here . The fact is that those winners have halved the profit I made in the first couple of weeks of the project – that’s halved the profit (thought i would repeat it so i don’t forget). He is always going […]

Movember Round up

I’m ashamed to say I bottled out of the Movember action after giving myself a great opportunity to take part with five days off work in Portugal- I shaved it off after getting the feeling that Mrs Blogger wasn’t to keen on it so hats off to Micheal Owen for this momentous effort.  As one of my friend said “he looks like a 15 year kid who has grown a moustache so he can get served in his local pub” I’m sure he will have pulled a hamstring growing it but all for a great cause so fair play. So the end of the month and despite saying this in […]

Snake eyes a twirling magnet

Odd title for a post. Although perhaps not too strange if you have read the previous post and are anxiously tuning in to see where I am  with my “laying AP McCoy ” project (I really do need to think of a snappy name for it) . Today was belter with AP on Snake Eyes at Kempton in the 1pm race which was sent off at 1.22 and traded at 1.01 for what seemed like an eternity before gettingbeaten .  Next off was “Twirling magnet” in the 2.35 and although this wasn’t quite as well fancied (sp of 5) it was  quite soundly beaten to make for a very profitable  […]

Laying AP

As regular readers of the blog may recall I’m not really one for betting on horses as its not something that I have really had any real passion for and I also don’t really understand it to be honest. In fact its probably  only in the last year or so since attending a few race meets with the good people from Hambet that Ive even begun to understand what it meant by “he’s’ got handfuls there” (I’ve only ever heard that previously  in relation to my ever increasing “love handles”). I will never understand why people who go racing insist on wearing various shades  of green/brown tweed and yellow ties […]