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A bit rich…..

A few days off the computer recharging the batteries and nothing much appears to have been going on. Apart from Betfair pissing off a few people but really that nothing new is it? Well actually this wasn’t the standard site crashes on a Saturday afternoon that everyone has come to expect, this was something a bit bigger and unless you have been on the moon you cant have failed to notice that there was a minor incident involving a winning horse being laid at 29’s for millions. There is no point me rehashing what has been written about before so here are some excellent views on it . First of […]

Goodwill to all men

Lots has been written about the ongoing racism row at the moment but well summed up by ex Manchester United player  Paul McGrath on twitter As x footballer havin experienced racist comments throughout my career I was saddened to see Liverpool players wear those tshirts last nite I would have been much happier if they had worn anti racist t shirts If you haven’t read his autobiography its well worth a read (it will appeal to non United fans as well)- quite disturbing at times but well worth a look. As a United fan its too easy to adopt sides in this one and lots has been written about it […]

Westy on the beer again?

A distinctly average week on the golf bets this weekend after last weeks great result- its probably best summed up by this excerpt from Steve Palmers racing post article on Wednesday ” Sure Lee Westwood is the best player in the field, but how much appetite he will have for competition will he have after going straight to the Nedbank Challenge in South Africa to Dubai, then over to Thailand? The Englishman was leading the after show party in Dubai and admitted to feeling “rough as a badger ” when landing in Thailand. Lee Westwood proceeded to shoot a 60 (his best ever round) and  then a 64 to open […]

Hugh Taylor spoonfeeding

“Spoonfeeding” :  to give someone information in a way that requires or allows no further thinking or effort . Its something that you see more and more of nowadays and I guess its a side product of the “I want it all now” culture that we live in. I once saw an interesting blog piece that stated that it would take you 7 years to train as a lawyer and give yourself a good chance of an income yet when it came to learning about making a living from sports trading/betting it seems people are unwilling to invest more than 7 minutes. This situation is of course exacerbated by the […]

Risk free?

You cant move at the moment for people talking about the risk free offers from William Hill with various sites letting you know that “Dave has just mailed me and won £156 on a slot machine”! I’ve participated in a few of these offers from time to time  and for those not familiar with them they should be relatively easy to navigate. The theory is that if you just first hit the claim button you then just play through the £5 or £7 (or whatever the offer is) on one spin and hope that you get lucky and hit a nice winner. If you don’t manage to win anything you […]


For those people who haven’t read the Racing posts golf expert Steve Palmer’s entertaining book “Born to punt”  the above phrase and headline picture will mean nothing at all. The “facespitter” is a bet that Steve dreams of placing one day that will land him so much money that he will be able to spit in his bosses face as he wont need to work for him anymore. This bet would normally be a double of some sorts (and with normal golfing odds this would obviously equate to a nice sum). Quite what Steve’s boss thinks of his impending face full of phlegm is not covered off in the book […]

Cant stop moses

Time for a slightly irrelevant (and after you’ve read it some might say slightly  mad) post from occasional contributor to the blog “Son of Moses”   (And I  have no idea what this is all about!! ). You can find his previous post here. ————————————- I used to love football I use to turn up at the Bridge five minutes before the game Wait at the top of Brittania Road until the National Front finished giving out their leaflets And then pay a fiver to go in and join the crowd Brilliant, exciting Great crowd. Funny songs Get your tits out for the lads they used to sing to the hot […]