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Draws Galore

Well nobody likes a show off so I obviously won’t go on tooooooo much about being top of  the Green All Over tipster league after my first weeks submissions returned 5 winners from 11 selections and an ROI OF 61.4%!!  Not entirely happy with Cassini’s description of a couple of my picks as “two fluked 3-3 draws” though,  it was expert tipping! Not quite as expert was the the cock up I somehow managed to make on this evenings football clash between Charlton and Huddersfield. Having scalped the 0-0 correct scoreline pregame sucessfully with small £25 bets I had given myself a nice £40 green with  which I was planning […]

Betfair Guru

As regular readers of the blog will be aware I’m a a paid member of  a couple of monthly  services having investigated and dabbled in a fair few over the last 18 months. Its always a difficult call when your looking at services as finding the right one that fits into your trading style and also, very importantly, the times you are available to actually trade/get your bets on will make a huge difference.  A couple that spring to mind are Matt Finnagans pro x trading club  club that I felt that I couldn’t justify what I deemed to be large one off joining fee (£247) and then a four […]

Bit of let down……

Well the much hoped for “when Handy met Shirley” orgasmic  moment didn’t really get going at the weekend and turned into a bit of a damp squib to be honest.  Andy had selected the Sunderland vs Fulham game to be the main trade and I had managed to scalp the 0-0 successfully giving me a nice bit of cover there, unfortunately that was the only bit that went according to plan as Sunderland proceeded to hit the woodwork a couple of times and leave the game goalless at halftime which was even more frustrating as it was the only one in the premiership to be without goals. As I had […]

When Handy met Shirley

Readers of a certain age will remember the above film and at the time the scene was felt to be close to the edge- shows you how times have changed! So whats this got to do with anything? Well this weekend will be my first weekend when I’m going to merge the homer  strategies of “Handy Andy”  with the PMT (Pre match trading) tool from the Tradingfootball team. My plan is to use the tool to identify prices that are out of line to give me some nice green on various correct scores and be able to work myself into a comfortable position following Andy’s advice and with any luck […]

Golf – (and another free book giveaway!)

I’ve not  written about golf a for a bit and with the end of the season approaching (does it really end though?) I thought I would try and work out which tipster has worked out better for me. Regular readers will know that over the year I have followed the selections in both the Racing and Football outlook (RFO) and the Racing Post (RP) but my record keeping has let me down and,although I’ve been very thorough in collating the numbers  in so far as overall results are concerned- when it has come down to the actual detail of which service has done what I’ve not got it.  I’ve tried […]

Writers Block

Well its been over two weeks since I’ve posted anything up and firstly may I thank my legions of readers for their emails and comments worrying whether I had blown my Betfair bank on a 1.01 shot and I was subsequently hiding from the world. Let me assure you that neither of the events mentioned in the above sentence have happened so Mrs Blogger can rest easy. I’m sure she is the only person that ever reads this blog anyway……… So what’s  been happening? I’ve been busy working on “other projects” (ones that I can tell people what I do for a living without people looking at me like I’m […]