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Ladbrokes Serging ahead

Well what a weekend that was ! Fair-play to Sergio Garcia with an absolutely emphatic win at the weekend and one that was confidently predicted by the guys at the RFO (or was it the Racing Post?). Sergio has had a tough couple of years and plummeted down the rankings but the signs have been there for a while and when his putter is as hot as it was at the weekend he really is a force to be reckoned with. He was quite short odds for the tournament considering he had learnt to play golf there and had apparently won the club championship at the age of 12!! So […] Interview

As regular readers of the blog will know I have been a member of the service for a long time and this season have made a real concerted effort to learn more about this particular areas of trading which is of great interest to me. Ive also signed up and have the “Shirley PMT” tool although to be honest I’ve only really scratched the  surface with regards to the opportunities that this can offer. I’m delighted therefore to be able to offer an insight on the service from one of the co founders the one and only Mr “Bingo” Little.  Bingo Take the hot seat! For those who aren’t […]


res·ur·rec·tion  1. The act of rising from the dead or returning to life. 2. The state of one who has returned to life. 3. The act of bringing back to practice, notice, or use; revival. Well I dont think anyone really saw that one coming did they? Regular readers of the blog will have noticed that Im always fond of posting up videos of my favourite ever band The Stone Roses and they are reforming for a series of concerts. Here are just a few of the previous comments by band members: “No chance… not in the next three lifetimes” – Brown, August 2008 “I have no desire whatsoever to […]

Cash machine

As I’ve mentioned before I’m not really that into horses (Mrs Blogger will be pleased!) but again couldn’t help but be impressed by Frankels run on Saturday which even made me turn over briefly from the various football games i was watching. Certainly a great performance and one that will have cost Ladbrokes an awful lot of money as they were a standout price of 1.5 for the majority of the morning (Bet365 were for a while but would probably only left you have 36.5 p on ). While Laddies were letting you put bets on at 1.5 there were huge sums availible to lay at 1.42/43 on betfair which […]

Rooney exclusive

It was interesting to see the media reaction to Wayne Rooneys 3 match ban and various current pros demonstrating exactly why a lot of people think they are overpaid overvalued ego manics who are completely out of touch with “the common man”. This comment from Phil Neville summed it up.  “Rooney banned for three games what a joke – if it was a Dutch, Spanish, Italian or German player they wouldn’t even get one game #fact.” Probably not a fact actually  Phil , imagine how up in arms everyone would have been if someone from one of those nations had kicked one of our boys off the ball- we would […]

Do not collect £200. (aka “When things go wrong”)

Thankfully, unlike the card in the game I’m not going to jail but yesterday I committed the cardinal sin of a) trying to do too many things at the same time and b) being too clever. As a result I paid the price with a £200 loss. Its very easy to post a blog up and not mention the bad times but yesterday was  real shocker and its a valuable lesson to all. I’ve been making some decent money trading the various different unders/overs markets when they have enough liquidity in them and have  seen that if you take a position in them you can normally exit pre match for […]


I’ve just realised that this is the first blog pot that I’ve done in October which is slightly concerning. I’ve always said that i didn’t want it to turn into yet another of those “made £1.27 from laying the draw today, slow but steady progress and my bank is now at £6.76″ type blogs . They don’t last very long because as boring as they are to read they must be even more boring to write.  So  what has been my reason for lack of posts? Well from a content perspective there hasn’t really been a lot to comment on. I mean its not like betfair have been upto anything […]