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“Inside a bookie” – the return!

Well after my couple of posts about the madness of some bookmakers marketing departments I thought it was only fair to ask some of the bigger online guys if they wanted to responds and put their side of the story. In fairness they all came back to me but the response was pretty much similar to this one which I received “”Thank you for inviting us to participate in your blog, however on this occasion we would like to decline, sorry we just find that replying to posts to try to justify account closures etc just leads to more abuse on forums etc about practices, as well as allowing fraudsters […]

The return of moses….

After not hearing from him for a while it looks like one time columnist “The Son of Moses” has made a welcome return. You can find his other posts here and here. In the meantime you can decide if these are the ramblings of a madman or a genius! ————————————————————- Could it be that in their pursuit of playing like Barcelona everyone has forgotten that defence wins titles Man Utds defending is poor. Basel had a load of chances Man City cannot defend Chelsea’s defence is old Man City won’t win the title because there is not one of their defenders that would get into the Utd or Chelsea team […]


Regular readers of the blog will have noticed that I have eased off the golf betting at the weekend recently  and that’s  mainly as I’m not comfortable with the the progressive cut system that is the the Fedex cup along with the fact that I’ve been about on Sundays and don’t like to not be able to trade out of possible  winning/losing  positions (probably much to Steve Palmers disgust!). I did however manage to catch some of the Solheim cup on sky on Sunday and found myself strangely engrossed in what was a great battle that went right to the wire. Mrs Blogger is normally subjected to a barrage of […]

“Flying under the radar”

Well it appears that my last post about the crazy workings of the geniuses who work at bookmakers was not just some bad luck on my part but pretty much par for the course with plenty of people contacting me to say similar things had happened to them. The question is what can you do about it? Well the first thing is don’t even bother to waste your time mailing to ask why they have limited your account or removed certain privileges. It’s an utter waste of time as you will just receive some drivel about it’s a commercial decision and it’s nothing personal.  The important thing here is […]

Inside a bookie

Ok for today’s post I’d thought I’d do something different and take  a look into the (imagined?) goings on and thoughts of Bookmakers (and specifically) the Marketing and Trading teams. So lets try to  imagine that we are working in the Marketing department. We will most likely have a decent sized budget which obviously we will spend on relatively high profile advertising at Sports events (which isn’t cheap) or perhaps sponsorship of individual clubs. The name of the game here is gaining new customers and once we have got these customers signed up its then all about maximising the revenue from these same customers. This is  basic business acumen. The […]

Football trading

Struggled to find any relevant witty (or at least I think they are!) picture to go with the above  title as don’t want this post to seem like one long advert (edit- after re reading this  post it does look like an advert!!). After sorting out my various different spreadsheets and elements of record keeping that I mentioned in my last post I settled in yesterday for some football trading with low stakes to get my head around some ideas and test some strategies out. International fixtures sometimes have a reputation for being a bit tricky but the good thing about yesterdays games were that there was lots of liquidity […]

Getting organised

Its strange really that one of the key elements in making constant profits from sports betting is probably one of the most overlooked. Plenty of people are willing to invest all sorts of money on the latest get rich system yet without the right set up and structure you just aren’t giving yourself the best chance. A good example of this (and bear with me as its a bit of strange analogy) is the England cricket team. Not a stone has been left unturned in terms of their preparation and and attention to detail whether it be the oppositions strengths and weaknesses or just  the training routines and warm up […]