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“News just in!”

Yes its transfer deadline day and that can only mean one thing – Jim White on Sky Sports News (SSN) getting ever closer to a heart attack as the clock gets closer to midnight. I’ve just seen Boylesports are offering odds on him saying the above at least seven times tonight. Nailed on! I remember watching SSN last year (god what was I thinking??) and laughing as the supposed transfers became ever more ridiculous and the roving reporters spouted more and more complete bollocks. I think it one point Eidur Gudjohsen was on his way to at least three different Premiership grounds (If only he had shown so much industry […]

Virtual Certainty

Its amazing what some people bet on. Take “virtual racing” for instance. Anyone in there right mind knows that its just a number generated  at random with some graphics associated with it yet judging by the fact that every single online  bookmaker seems to have a site full of them and they are shown constantly shown in any bookmakers that I occasionally dare to visit then then they are obviously generating lots of revenue. Im guessing they are filling a void in between events that any one who is an “action bettor” will gladly fill. Discipline is a vital ingredient if you are serious about making money from sports betting […]


Not sure why I settled on a strange fish related theme but its certainly one of the corniest headlines/pictures  in a while. However yet again there was certainly nothing fishy about the golf picks from the racing post and RFO  as they both had  players in the places at the weekend. At one point on Saturday afternoon it looked very very promising as I had 4 players in the top 5 in Czechoslovakia but they slowly fell by the wayside.  Over in America it was even more frustrating as two of the picks Kim and Peterson both  bogeyed the last hole and ended up in a tie for the 5th […]

Weather or not…

If someone had told me a year ago that I could be making a nice tidy sum at 7am on a Thursday morning by paying close attention to the weather forecast then I would have thought they were barking mad. However that’s what happened on  Thursday as the Betfair  price on the draw in the England India 4th test  fell dramatically . This seemed to be a massive overreaction to the forecast predicting  rain in the afternoon (spot on as it happens with 65 overs lost) but the forecast for the next three days was pretty good and the way that India have batted, I feel  the loss of hours […]

Nice French lays

The favourite lays “turned out nice again” this weekend and its the French teams that have turned out to be rather useless with 6 out of 7 odds on favourites getting turned over with Lyon the most inept going off at odds of 1.36. Unusually (apparently) Germany has  seen favourites prosper but with only two weekends of fixtures having been completed it can (and no doubt will)  change. A good start but important that these results are judged in in the long tern rather than isolation.  I was also fortunate in that the two Manchester teams were drawing at halftime and I traded out of these for slight profits and […]

Golf betting….

With the USPGA starting in a few hours (as I write this) I thought that I would pop down a few ideas on golf betting and some of the various tools and techniques that I use  to try and make some profit. 1) Bet on Steve Williams (the caddy). You don’t need to do anything else . He clearly is a genius and I’m never going to ever bet on anyone else. 😉 Ok- so I’m joking as he clearly  is deluded and believes its him playing the game. If you haven’t seen the interview that  he gave after Adam Scott won (Williams carried his bag) then its worth a […]


Nothing spectacular this weekend although it was nice to see that my comment about the golf picks was proved unfounded as Jeremy Chapman (standing in for Steve Palmer in the Racing Post) found another winner in the golf in Scott Piercy at 50/1 . The only downside was that this was a half point selection and all the other picks bombed out and were never really in contention so therefore there was very little opportunity to trade. However a profit is a profit and £43 was added to the bank. USPGA  this week and although its a huge betting event my record this year in the majors has been poor […]


A terrible terrible pun and I really should apologise . It narrowly beat (Rushden and) Diamonds are forever. So what the hell am I going on about? Well the pre match trading tool from the guys at trading football was finally launched and as is their way they like to give strategies and products names and this one is called “Shirley”- no idea why perhaps the guys will explain. Having only signed up for it it yesterday its obviously far too early to do any sort of review but its fair to say that at £42 a month I’m confident that she will get used and abused or taken back! […]

Chap (the)man.

A great weekend on the golf with the picks from Jeremy Chapman (staring at you through the letter box) doing really well both sides of the Atlantic. Simon Dyson came up trumps in the Irish Open at 25/1 and over the other side of the pond it was a case of “close but no cigar” as going into the last day three of the selections had forced their way into contention (including Kim with a great 62) only to fall by the wayside when it got right down to the business end- luckily I had laid all of these guys in both of the win and place markets and while […]