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Bookmakers Getting Shirty

Well hot on the heels of my previous post about Stan James applying restrictions it appears that Victor Chandler have been on a bit of a banning spree as well after posting this offer It seems that there was a predictable stampede after it was posted on MSE and then not long afterwards people started receiving mails advising them that they had had their accounts closed down. Now of course the bookmakers have every right  right to pick and choose who they do business with and if you are only using these accounts to do these sorts of offers and nothing else then your on their radar as not being […]

Betfair vs Betdaq

So the debate rumbles on about Betfair and the Premium charge that was introduced this week. I’m about £199k profit away from being effected but guy who thought up this genius idea to piss people off must have had a real “head in his hands” moment a couple of mornings in a row this week when the site crashed. When it did finally start to work after a few hours the horse racing markets were certainly very gappy and although i’m no where near an expert they just looked and felt wrong.   This morning I was in the process of placing my weekly golf bets (from the RP and […]

Blown away

As mentioned in the previous post was lucky enough to spend a day at Sandwich on Saturday at the British open golf.  Lucky in that it was a great occasion that I  would recommend to anyone with more than a passing interest in the game but unlucky in that the weather in the morning passage of play was truly shocking. Anyone who had gone out early really didn’t stand too much of a chance and any of my golfing picks who were left in after the cut seemed to fall into this category and fell by the wayside. I had traded quite well on the first day and had left […]

Sandwich Choices

Bit “flakey” on the updates this week as been away on business and then not helped when you type out half of it and its doesn’t save for some reason – anyway enough of my whinging! I had updated on my golf results from the weekend and the very short vrsion is a small profit of £72 was secured with Steve Stricker doing the business. Probably the main thing that I regret not doing in the past  week or so was laying Rory when he was available at 7’s, which I think was a far too low and seemed to be a mass overreaction to his American success. To give […]

Copa(n) ipad

  Not sure if its because they have pissed so many people off through their awful handling of the Premium charges fiasco but those evil people over at Betfair appear to be falling over themselves to give various prizes away at the moment. One that caught my eye immediately was the Copa America doubles multiple offer where you had to place a double on the comp and would be entered into a draw with every one in fifty entrants guaranteed a nifty piece of kit. Sounded nice and easy to sort out so Mrs Blogger and I had doubles on Argentina and Brazil.  If you have seen the always excellent […]

Thoroughly Examined

I’m not a big one for talking about which tipster services I use for a couple of reasons. The first one is that if does look like you have a personal interest in the promotion of the service (more of that another time) and secondly the bookmakers are a bit sneaky sometimes and could limit your account if you talk openly about using services which are on their hit list for having the temerity to actually provide winners! I’m going to break cover on the Market Examiner as I’ve found the service to be excellent, not only in terms of a strike rate and return but more importantly because of […]

Toe rag

David Haye- what was that all about? If anyone watched it on Sky Sports I really do hope that you hadn’t had any Saturday night “funny cigarettes” as the whole pre fight walk on was utterly bizarre. I’m then not sure what was more bizarre David Hayes tactics (I’m not sure what these were) or blaming  the whole thing on a broken toe. I texted my boxing friends with a “Klitchko on points prediction” but then didn’t put my money where my mouth was.  Thought the big Ukrainian came across  really well post fight and showed up Haye a bit. Learning how to lose gracefully is something a class act […]