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Normal service resumed

Bad news I’m afraid- I’m back with more wittering on about nothing. (just when you thought I was another blogger gone bust!)I No updates for a couple of weeks as was off getting married and took a honeymoon. Didn’t think Taking a laptop away would  have been the best idea in the world and despite it being a seriously busy time for sport with Ascot, the US open and Wimbledon I think that if you go on holiday you need to have a total break so you can come back revved up and ready to go. Lesson learnt with the timing though and my mailbox was full of farcically generous […]

Playing it just a bit too safe?

I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago about how difficult it is to get independent views on various different services as many people have a vested interest in services and will sometimes post up reviews that purport to be independent but are actually  “ramping” those services, they  may well have affiliate links or a kickback  where they will benefit if you join up etc. I’ve for sometime had a link up to the “playing it safe”  blog which in their own words says: “Betting strategy to advised selections subscibing to professional tipster Roger Green Racing and Irish racing service ‘From Ireland’. I am a family working man trying […]


Affected by something overwhelming, such as disease, trouble, or painful emotion. Ok thats over egging it a bit but Mr  Strickers great performance in the Memorial was another near miss as Matt Kuchar couldn’t quite make enough birdies on the last day to reel him in. A place was secured but at relatively small odds and the same was true in Wales where Anders Hansen didn’t quite do enough to get over the line. Apart from those two places it was a pretty disapointing weekend on the golf front with many of the selections not making the cut. “GMacs” spectacular blow up was not pretty to watch and as he […]

Ian Poulter

One of my friends has an irrational dislike of Blackburn Rovers. I have no idea why as he is not from the North West and is not even a particularly big football fan. I think I’m developing the same thing about Ian Poulter. Can’t think why…. Another year at the BMW Championship, another verbal dust-up about Wentworth’s controversial West Course, labelled “England’s Augusta” this week by Ernie Els but described in less flattering terms on Friday by England’s very own Ian Poulter. “I don’t like this golf course. Period. End of story,” said Poulter after signing for athree-over-par round of 74, the most notable – and clearly most irritating – […]

Paul Scholes…..

…..he scores goals. Glad “the Ginger Prince” decided to call it a day and a mark of the man that he did it in a typically understated fashion and waited until after the fuss about a victory parade/Champions league final was out of the way. When players like Zidane  state that “you are the greatest midfielder of his generation” its fair to say that you’ve done alright.Jamie Redknapp was once asked about his tackling and responded with something along the lines of “yes he’s dirty, its part of his game”. Scholes is the third most booked player in Premiership history and this “niggle” to his game probably just made him […]