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Fair result

Can’t argue with Barca winning the Champions league final on Saturday evening- a truly great team and one that must just be a nightmare to play against. When I heard the United team announced pre game it was exactly what I had hoped for so no complaints- the better team won. No complaints either with the offers from the Bookmakers for the game and if anyone had taken my advice that I posted up they would have secured themselves a handsome profit. I manged to secure refunds on all the scores under 3.5 goals which I had dutched as a result of both Messi and Rooney scoring (which was always […]


    Congratulations! You’re an 888sport prize winner! Thank you for taking part in 888sport’s Champions League Final promotion, which took place between the 12/5/2011 – 24/5/2011.   Cue a heart attack at blogger towers as the prize was a 2 VIP Tickets to the final tomorrow. I scrolled down the mail to find that I hadn’t bagged the tickets and it was £50 quids worth of vouchers. A strange sense of relief came over me as it dawned on me that had I  won I would have been faced with a tricky decision- take Mrs Blogger who celebrates her birthday this weekend and is effectively  “giving it up”! to […]

Golfing value

There is always all sorts of talk in the blogosphere about “finding an edge” “maintaining an edge” etc etc, well here’s a little secret for you if your going to indulge in some golf betting- put your alarm clock on early! I know by looking at the stats that for search queries on this blog that Steve Palmers racing post golf picks are obviously very popular. Considering that the RP is £1.80 and is widely availible then I’m amazed people don’t just buy it instead of trying to find the tips online. It would be very easy to post them up here but I’m sure it would infringe all sorts […]

The Coral BOG

The Bog. You would have thought that its fairly straightforward to use.Most of use would seem to be quite comfortable with how it works. Not our friends at Coral who rather sneakily seemed to have changed the way things work. Have a read of this great piece of marketing bullshit: A headline of “win more every race every day” is just utter nonsense. Most bookies who offer best odds guaranteed (The BOG that I’m referring to) are quite happy to let you place a bet in the knowledge that if the price drifts you will get a better price. Not Coral. You have to uncover it on a tab called […]

Learning Curve

A negative weekend with the golf betting with a loss of  £127 although not overly concerned as after 4 weeks of following the picks I’ve achieved a return of 27% which is none too bad.. The combined talents of the RFO and the RP managed to get a place in American with Zach Johnson having a storming final round- over in Spain it really was a rollercoaster ride and two picks in the top five really only tells half the story. One of the papers or  a comment online said it was one of the weakest fields that had seen in a long time and the standard of scoring looked […]

Do your homework!!

  A phrase that  used to fill my heart with dread as a kid when I asked my mum if I could “play out” with my mates. The same applies  with all the various systems that always seem to be  pushed at us by various sources. Its not uncommon for various systems/tipping services etc to be advertised by people promoting the service and getting a cut so this therefore makes it difficult to get an unbiased view  . Of course no one makes you buy any of this stuff so the key here is do your research and homework. More often than not though that’s where the fun and games […]

Wood you believe it?

Chris Wood managed to throw a four shot lead away in Spain and with it scupper the Racing post selection. I watched his final round and it was seriously bad (although I would be happy with a 76 its all relative)- definately a man to lay if he is leading going into the final day. Luckily I suspected that something like that may happen so I wasn’t too displeased to have laid him at 1.18 although it still cost me a few quid. The other main RP selection was Gregory Bourdy who followed up a fantastic opening day 63 with a second day 77  to leave himself with too much […]

Lets get ready to rummmmmble!

Well some of the nations greatest golfers have pitted their wits against each other  and also battled the elements in order to post a competitive score . Yep the first leg of my stag do is over and the golfing prizes have been won. By a strange co-incidence we are also at the halfway stage of the weekends “other tournaments” and my main hopes rest on the golf tips of the racing post with Chris Wood and David Toms both leading at the halfway stage!. Looking ahead the top class action of the weekend will of course be at the tonight’s evening races  at Uttoxeter where 28 of us have […]

Free money

“Kennys rampant reds slashed for next seasons premier league”. No I haven’t just made that up I’ve just read it on the back of this morning racing post. Apparently they were available at 25/1 on Sunday and after beating the mighty Fulham in a pretty meaningless end of season game they have been cut by Coral and Boyles to 10/1!!!. Betfair haven’t got next years market up yet but if they had and you could lay them at anywhere near that price then that’s got to be the bet of the season from where I’m sat. Don’t get me wrong I think “King Kenny” has done a great job (although […]

Bill Haasn’t/Stewart Sunk

I quite like that title and am now waiting by the phone  the Sun sports editor to offer me a job (I realise that I know far too much about sport to get the gig). A superb weekend for the golf tips picked by the Racing posts Steve Palmer although not for obvious reasons. Bill Haas was advised at 80/1 and after leading after the the first round he was into 6’s on Betfair which allowed me quite a considerable lay. He was always in contention and if he hadn’t had put his ball in the water at 18 would probably have made the play off . Stewart Cink had […]