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Royal wedding

I’ve got to admit that despite not being that fussed about the whole royalty thing I got sucked into the fuss about the Royal Wedding. Yes despite me thinking it was a huge waste of money I couldn’t help myself and became one of the herd of people who had to watch the whole event. I first saw it here and my thoughts were confirmed here.  It certainly turned out to be a day of celebration and the bookies got hammered.Of course I’m not talking about William and Kate and the colour of the Queens hat  but the 5.30 at Fontwell. This from my twitter feed : “So,Royal Wedding won […]

We have a winner!

Firstly lets put the whole book saga to bed! Apologies if my last post sounded like I was throwing my toys out of the pram- “the blog will go on”. We have a winner!- Sean from the excellent Birdie Club betting blog left this post: Ahhhh…..does someone want a hug?;) Seriously though I know what you mean…”its like talking to yourself.” You have a great blog, its one of the first I read each evening. Golf betting has its ups & downs, its fantastic when you have a winner, especially at 50/1 or better but as with all betting, it often has it’s lean periods as is such the case […]

spittle in mouth

There was no release of liquid from my mouth this weekend (a Steve Palmer “facespitter” ) as Jim Furyk managed to self destruct in the Heritage after calling a foul on himself and then four putting. I’m not entirely sure who actually would be the recipient of the “fs” as being my own boss it may be somewhat unpleasant but will cross that bridge when I come to it. I managed to make make a bit of a balls up on the golf actually and in my haste to put a few quid on the other contenders in the field that I hadn’t covered It seemed like i put money […]


Anyone who has read Steve Palmers book that I mentioned in my recent blog post will be familiar with the above phrase. Basically he backs his tips for the weeks golf in a double with the idea that if any of the bets comes in then he would win enough to be able to not give a monkeys about work and be able to “spit in his bosses face”. (I assume he means metaphorically!). Anyway he is still writing for the Racing post so the phlegm is still in mouth and I’m pleased that he is as after last weeks great shout of Matteo Mannassero to win in Malaysia (he […]

Don’t take a bow son!

Lots of talk in this weeks “blogosphere” about following various different tipsters and the pros and cons about having a varied portfolio whether it be paid for or free. I couldn’t help but laugh therefore when I Looked backed over the headlines for Andy Gray’s last few selections on the betfair blog and found these – Andy’s top-flight tips – Liverpool will lose (1-1 v’s Arsenal) Andy’s FA Cup tips – Back Man U & Bolton No Gray Areas – Man Utd treble is unlikely (he said the Champions league was real problem). Andy’s Wednesday tips – Spurs to triumph (Real Madrid 1-Spurs) Andy’s Monday tips – Liverpool won’t win […]

Golf betting

Golf is a sport that ever since I gave up football due to having a pair of knees about 20 years older than the age in my passport I’ve becoming more and more keen on. As a game I find it  constantly challenging and seeing as it normally involves a decent amount of exercise (more so when you have an unerring inability to hit the ball in straight line) along with a few shandies afterwards it takes quite a few boxes. As a betting medium it lends itself perfectly to betfair trading as it can be very volatile when you get into the final rounds of a tournament with odds […]

Messi for Scholes

Gutted for Paul Scholes yesterday . He has recently gone on record as saying that he wasn’t sure if he would be playing next year as he couldn’t get his head around not playing in every game. Yesterday unfortunately proved that, against the very best teams in a straight midfield match up he is now always going to get overpowered and as he walked off after getting a straight red for that terrible tackle you can’t help feeling that he would have been thinking that it was time to call it a day. Thought Andy Townsend called it right in his summary when he said “don’t say he isn’t that […]

You win again

  Cheesy title and one that I thought I could also post a video up of Abba of whom I secretly had a crush on the blonde one when I was a schoolboy. You can therefore imagine my disappointment when I found that “you win again” is a Bee Gees track and a quick check on Youtube will make you realise why I didn’t post the video- Not the stuff of schoolboy fantasies!! (The ABBA track is  “the winner takes it all” incidentally) .   Anyway, enough rambling, whats all this about ? Well after spending a week away playing golf I thought it would only be fair on Mrs […]


Or as my friend called it “TIGER WOODS TV”. Just back from our American golfing trip and it made me realise how lucky we are here in the UK to have Sky. While we were sat in the airport lounge they were showing the main American coverage (CBS?) of the golf on the final afternoon. Apparently there were other people playing in the masters but we certainly didn’t see any of them as the coverage  just followed the “spitter” around the course. Yes he was playing well but with a five way tie developing at the top it didn’t really give any insight into the great drama developing. I had […]

Masterly timing

When your involved in sports gaming for a living one of the first things you should be doing is noting all the big events in a diary a couple of years in advance and ensuring that you don’t book any holidays etc that clash with the big events that give you a chance of making some serious money. I’m normally quite good in this respect although this week I’ve dropped a serious clanger in that I’ve booked a 5 day golfing break to Florida and as a result will miss the Aintree Festival , the US Masters golf  and the start of the IPL.  I suppose I shouldn’t complain as […]