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Wasn’t referring to this weeks great 90”s video but the latest goings on in Italian football. I had great intentions of writing a weighty blog piece on this but as per usual have been beaten to it but the excellent Green all over blog who says everything I wanted to say but far more eloquently. Sports trading life has also covered it rather well and comes at the subject from a slightly different angle. My own view? Well, as you ask, I previously got involved in one of these games in December and documented it here . (The benefits of keeping a blog at last!!). Sports trading life suggests you […]

“Squeaky bum time”

Its shaping up to be one of the closest Premiership battles for years and regular readers of this blog will know that as a keen Man united follower I’ve not been that impressed with many of their performances this year.  The run in they have got looks pretty challenging to me, their injuries are mounting up, the “key” players are either old  and may struggle to play every three days for the rest of the season (I’m thinking Giggs and Scholes here) or are simply not playing that well (Rooney). The fact that  Arsenal have now got solely the league to concentrate on must give them an edge  although you […]

Glad Vic was there….

Cheltenham. So how was it for you? Not a big horses fan personally but found it all quite exciting which I didn’t really expect. From a personal  financial view point it was a cracker- My best one since records began (that will be since last year then). The number of offers from the bookmakers (especailly on the first couple of days) was excellent and Mrs blogger and I got seriously stuck in. The highlight of the week was undoubtedly  the Cheltenham Gold cup and Victor Chandler offering full refunds if the horse you backed came 2nd or 3rd. With the top four horses all fancied it was a great race […]

Premiership football news

I realise I haven’t yet posted up my summary of the Cheltenham festival- its not bad news (quite the opposite in fact) but my brain has been a bit frazzled after four intense days of staring at three screens.  Aim to do that tomorrow but in the meantime here is some betting news that may effect you if you are involved in the Premiership markets ….   and this from Sky Sports news Hope my friends in Latvia both understand and enjoy!        

“Irish raiders”

      Pretty topical huh? Yep if I was clever I would have deliberately timed this piece for St Patricks day (or as its known here in England “an excuse for all the drinks companies to produce all sorts of tacky Irish themed merchandising to try and promote some Guinness sales”, a snappy title which incidentally they may struggle to fit on a beer mat). The fact is that I’ve been run off my feet making some decent money on all the various offers that bookmakers have been throwing at us – more of that another time. Its a long post so strap yourselves in. Anyway I digress, As […]

Betfair Saturday….

Well what can I say ? I’ve resisted using puns such as “Betfair out(r)age”  or “bet(un)fair as my days of hoping to be a tabloid headline writer are long gone (On reflection I still have managed to get them into the first paragraph of this update so perhaps I still secretly yearn for another crack of the whip!). Anyway, I digress so what can we learn from Saturday’s fiasco? Firstly I’m surprised that there haven’t been more comments about it out here in the blogosphere although you could argue that its become such a regular occurrence that people can’t be arsed to type about it on the assumption that there […]

Too much to do!!

Wow! I’m not really sure where to start. What I do know is that the bookies seem to have gone completely mental handing out all sorts of offers for Cheltenham and like a teenager with premature ejaculation they couldn’t wait  and have  done it rather early (details here). Coral giving free £50 bets to people betting on horses, Victor Chandler giving away money for betting on the Man United cup game  as well as some nice offers on tomorrows Imperial cup racing means its going to be a long long day in the Blogger household and I will need all the charm at my disposal to keep Mrs Blogger happy. […]

“Win together….

…….lose on your own” I worked in the gaming industry for many years and it was a well known saying. Think about it : no one ever walked into your workplace on the Monday after the Grand National shouting “Look at me I put £50 on a 50/1 shot and it fell at the first”.  It always makes me  laugh when I hear about the bookies “being bashed” and a lot of it is just very lazy journalism as its very easy to pick up on stories like this weeks Totepool winner of £1.2 million for a £2 stake. Its fair to say a lot of people will have spent […]


Another great night in the trading football trading room last night. I made a late start due to attending a yoga class with the Mrs so missed a profitable TOTD and also a couple of  recommended LTD opportunities. My next mistake was to tell the guys on there as I got quite a  bit of good natured banter. About an hour later and I had made myself a nice green of £75.32 and did say that I would thank the man responsible so here you are- thanks for sharing your ideas with us all.   Members of trading football will know what I’m talking about !  😉

Something Different

Got a great mail from a friend north of the border (Scotland that is for all non uk readers)- its in no way  betting related but  I just loved the story. I would imagine the same principles apply to English football…. ———————— “The last match in our epic tour of Scotland’s league grounds dramatically ended at Forthbank on Saturday and we couldn’t have asked for a better final game from this bottom of Div 1 clash. Cammy was mascot for the day and Stirling Albion treated him like a king. There were about 20 of us who turned up to celebrate completion of Cammy’s quest, and we were sat in […]