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Its just not cricket….

Or was it? If your a cricket fan then the World Cup finally came to life with yesterdays India v’s England game which was genuinely exciting. I wasn’t trading it but watching from a fans viewpoint and the betfair market must have been going crazy from a trading perspective with lots of twist and turns. It would have been all for nothing though as a tied match on Betfair means all bets are declared void. There was £36 million traded on the game yesterday so that a lot of commission they have lost! The betfair forum on the game has 1374 comments going on about how unfair it was to […]

“ITV Football not free anymore?”

A very busy weekend of trading to look forward to and with a return to league we can leave the unpredictability of  FA Cup team selection behind for a few more weeks. As per my previous post I attended the Betfair trading course at Centaur on Wednesday night which gave me a few decent ideas that I personally had not tried before. Firstly let me say that for anyone who lives within an easy Journey of central London that is definitely worth attending if you receive an invitation.Having said that the courses do appear to be in their formative stages and it felt like an opportunity missed in terms of […]

Back on board the trading bus……

I’ve not got involved in too much trading activity for a while (mainly due to social reasons more than anything else) as I have tried to protect my Betfair bank for Cheltenham, so  I decided to ease myself into it with a couple of  lay the draw trades last night on the Forest/Preston and Blackpool/Spurs games. Turned out to be an interesting night and one that demonstrated  the fine margins that we can encounter in our quest for profit. On the Forest game the market seemed to go into suspension for a long period of time almost immediately after kick off and my “gut feel” just told me to exit […]

Golf- A valid business expense?

Very little activity again for me this weekend as  I trekked down to the extremes of  Kent to participate in a spot of  “Extreme golf” (also known as playing Links golf in howling wind and freezing cold hail stones, believe me it was brutal ). The reason for the title was that we played at Princes golf course which is next door Royal St Georges where this years open will be held (literally as two holes on the two are separated by a small ditch) and as such it gave a fascinating insight into what qualities will be important in order to win the event. I can say from experience […]

Tennis Trading

Something that I keep meaning to get involved in but for a variety of reasons haven’t quite got round to yet is tennis trading. Its a sport I can easily watch (although in fairness I’ve yet to try hours of meaningless women’s games in some obscure tournament I’ve never heard of). The blogosphere (is that a word?)  is full of really good pages dedicated to the sport and I spent some time this morning trying to set up a separate little section dedicated to the sport however it proved beyond me and I even managed to delete one from the list on the right by mistake- apologies if I’ve removed […]

Betting time machine

Anyone listen to the first Talksport show featuring  those two public enemies Keys and Gray? I thought they “smashed it”. Anyway enough of that I had to laugh this morning when I woke up to find the following mail in my inbox. ——————– Ian Erskine sent it to me on Feb 15, 2011, 4:02 AM The fourth trial consists of trading on Overs Unders in the selections sent to me by the system author a long term FTS member. The advice today is Over Unders Trading Each day when there are selections this trial consists of trading on differents Over/Unders Markets. A lot of the trades are left to run. […]

Brave or Stupid?

I  suppose that’s a question that we all ask ourselves from time to time. For me its certainly a question that applies to tomorrow as with Betfair currently “unstable” (that’s being kind) it will take people  with balls bigger than King Kong to trade markets . Good luck to anyone who dares to do so and I sincerely hope we don’t see a “scheduled maintenance bullshit message” at 2pm. I’m not a big fan of watching football in pubs as I tend to get irritated by people around me talking utter bollocks and would much rather watch it at home on a decent screen with all my home comforts. So […]


I mentioned in my last post that I travelled down to London for a spot of sightseeing at the weekend so my betting activity was obviously (and some might say  luckily considering the latest Betfair outages) limited. I did receive an email from the excellent BTTS service and as its something I’ve started following and find useful thought I would indulge myself. In fairness to Mrs blogger and not wanting to sit on my blackberry sifting through lots of Internet betting sites I spied a Ladbrokes and thought would nip in there to place my bets. Rather than waste time I headed straight for the counter and told them the […]

Betfair Carnage….

….For all sorts of reasons. No betting for me at the weekend as had organised a trip to London village to do the whole tourist thing and rather pleasant it was too.  I was occasionally checking my twitter account just to see what was happening sports wise and noticed that Betfair was up and down like the proverbial whores draws, It will have a taken a brave man to trade while this was going on and if ever Betdaq where going to gain some market share then surely this would be the time but somehow I just can’t see it happening. I await my phone call from Betfair Account manager  […]

Shirt out of luck/advantage play

Borrowed the first bit  from Paddy Power but sure they won’t mind some more advertising- so if your a Liverpool fan still crying about this week then at least you can cash in. I now can’t  help laughing remembering the Scouser at the back of the Sky Sports news report was burning his shirt- You’ve just burnt a £50 note mate!!! (“according to our sources”). “Advantage play”.  Seeking an edge or taking the piss or a one way trip to gubbsville? I ask that as there are a flurry of offers this weekend with Torres playing against his old club. There is certainly some value in some of these offers […]