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Return of the rake…..

Not quite as catchy perhaps as “return of the mack” but seeing as I was away at the weekend and have very little to report it was a nice surprise to have received this from one of our guest writers “the rake”. ——————————– ‘As I said to my Producer ’ As my friends will testify – I’m a bit of a Ronnie Corbett. No, I’m not 5’ 1” and I was never involved in one of Britain’s best loved double acts. The truth is I digress. I can’t help it. I’ll wander from one subject to another with the most tenuous link, but unlike Ronnie I don’t always get to […]

Voice is the future…..(and Sky sexism)

…..Sod all that digital Internet malarkey! Little know fact discovered today- you can have accounts at both William Hill and Corals Internet and telephone betting operations (which seems very very strange but is 100% ok). A quick look at the Sun and the Racing Post  showed that Hills were offering a free £60 bet if you placed  £30 with Corals positively stingy in comparison with a £20/£40 offer . These must have taken me about 20 mins to do in total and apart from returning me a nice £85 profit (their horse racing prices are very “generous” (ahem!), its always useful to have a couple of decent telephone accounts in […]

Last minute losers

A shocking day on Saturday that saw last minute/very late goals in a number of  games wipe out any profit I had made and if it hadn’t had been for a better day on Sunday when I recovered I would have ended the weekend down.Not what I planned and when I have been in front of the pc for a fair chunk of time in my office for nil reward its pretty sickening.To make things even worse I decided not to trade any of the evening games but managed not to cancel one of them- when your lucks out it really is out and this was a 2 all draw […]


Lots has been posted in the last 24 hours about the Betfair outage last night. Being a “glass half full” type of chap lets be grateful it didn’t happen on a busy night of football or it would have been utter carnage. It did make me realise how utterly shiiite my back up plans  (or as my employed friends say “disaster recovery”) as I didn’t know about betfair lite, haven’t got their phone  number written down and have no money in my betdaq account . So all in rather well prepared! A lucky escape and one we can all learn from. So no real football action and instead I’ve been […]

Hacked off on Sunday……

Thats what a lot of football traders will have been thinking on Sunday with the word out in the “blogsophere” all a bit gloomy after 0-0 draws a plenty and late goals in other games that will have forced early exits.  I had a day off trading on Sunday so wasn’t so hacked off but literally hacked into by some techy  from eastern Europe  who thinks its funny to fuck up peoples hard work. No real problems caused although it took time to reset various issues and that the reason why you will see the crappy google ad just above which the fuckers inserted and I haven’t got round to […]

Busy day ahead- and moses is back!

Well it looks like the football season is finally back in full swing and I’ve just received Matt Abrahams football picks- all 16 of them! Interestingly they differ quite a bit from my own that I fou with the help  of the BfFind tool, so will have to work through them as my bank isn’t quite big enough to trade them all and knowing my luck there will be a flurry of goals! Another successful T20 Trade yesterday morning on the England game and also two rather nice ones on the Caribbean version which I left to run overnight and took advantage of the volatility . Something that I will […]

T20 Success

Well done to England for closing out a great game of T20 on Wednesday morning. A great advert for the shorter form of the game and with societies craving for “instant gratification” you can see why more and more people (players and fans alike) are  making  it their priority.  For all the grumblings from the traditionalists (don’t get me wrong I’m one!) about test match cricket being “the true test of a player” ask yourself this question – if you could earn just as much money in 20 overs as you could in 5 days what would you do? It also marked my first foray into cricket trading and rather […]

Last man standing?

Seeing as the majority of readers of this blog will fancy themselves as football pundits here is a  little something for everyone to get involved in. Paddy Powers last man standing is a quite entertaining and requires you to pick a team that wins every week. Sounds quite easy until you realise that you can only pick the same team once. When you then throw in the unpredictability of this years premiership you have got quite an interesting little competition. I’ve set up a comp which is a £5 to enter with all of the prize money going to the winner (less the 5% that paddy takes for setting it […]

Tough times!

An interesting weekend from a betting perspective but first off I must flag up an excellent article and exchange of views on the  Green All Over website.  It talks about “perceived value and is a really good read as always. Ok onto my own tales of doom and it was  testing weekend . Laying the draw was a negative on Saturday as Stokes inability to score in the second half meant that I stayed in the trade and went onto take a decent sized loss. Not too worried as its part of the game that some trades will go against you but I’m racking my brains to come up with […]

Busy weekend – on and off the pc!

Lots going on this weekend and I’m chuffed to be going to Man Utd game against Liverpool tomorrow courtesy of Betfair. Mind you considering the commission I have spent with them I could have bought a box ! The game will be further spiced up by the return of Kenny Dalglish after they sacked Roy Hodgson this morning. This is the same Dalglish who has been out of the game for ten years so will obviously have his finger on the pulse with the transfer window opening. I’ve posted a video up of the last time United played them in the cup which all United fans will be hoping for […]