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Seventh heaven

A slightly over the top title perhaps but I’ve got to admit I’m feeling quite pleased with myself after recording my seventh straight days of wins laying the draw giving me a nice return of £316.87. On December 14th it was all going a little pear shaped  as a combination of crap results plus a very steep learning curve meant that I was struggling to make any headway. So what has happened? Firstly I’ve seen the benefit of keeping good records as it has allowed me to understand how much I have been winning or losing and look into a bit more detail to see where it was going wrong. […]

Trading systems?

In January of this year I signed up for the years annual subscription of Bet Angel professional (which unless its gone up looks like it cost me £149). I’ve played about with it from time to time but certainly haven’t got anywhere near my value. That’s not to say its not a good bit of kit, its just that I haven’t really invested the time required to make the most of it. So with January approaching whats a man to do? I’m planning to get quite heavily into tennis trading this year (along with more football) so I’m sure I need something to give me quicker access to the markets, […]

Albino Football- Suprise draw!

Last nights Italian Serie B game certainly created a buzz on twitter etc and in case any one didn’t pick up on it the top line is that of £4.36m traded £4.1m was on the draw in the Albinoleffe vs Piacenza game last night! The price of the draw was backed in massively as you can see here on Peter Webbs excellent bet angel blog. For me this created a great opportunity as the draw pre game at 1.46 just gives you so much upside. I laid this and then just recovered my stake when the first goal went in. An indication of just how “iffy” this game was is […]


…seems like its the only thing that you can bet on at the moment due to this bloody weather. Talking of which fairplay to “The Power” last night in getting second place in SPOTY .  I’ve been out on the beer with him a couple of times on work related do’s a few years ago and he was a top top guy who is 100% genuine and loves a beer. Fairplay also to Youwin who have decided to run a promo on the PDC darts 1st round matches. Nice little £80 Profit on those for me and Mrs Blogger. Football wise it was a bit of a whiteout with hardly […]

barmy bookies

Just a quick post about the bizarre people who work in bookmakers trading offices. I wonder if they work on a different continent to the people in the marketing department? The reason for the question is that I had my Bet365 account limited a couple of days ago. I suppose it was an accident waiting to happen as I was using it mainly to bet on their feature race offer but was also occasionally betting on other events. The account was profitable for them and never more so than on Saturday when I bet on all the feature races (I think that there were 7 ?) and lost on all […]

Car crash……

…. thats what the weekend felt like from a LTD viewpoint at least. In fact it felt like a car crash followed by the ambulance  that was taking me to hospital getting shunted! I had previously stated that I was going to publish my “compound and increase stakes ” idea (as I said before not very original but on the face of it highly “doable”). Going into the weekend after 21 days of trading (normally 2/3 games a day) I was showing a profit of £65.98 . This was no where near what I had aimed for as my starting bank for this project was £1250 so 24 days of […]

Waiting for that bleep.

The one on Futbol24 that alerts you when a goal has been scored. When I’m laying the draw (or doing any sort of football trading) I’m always using their service but I really wish I could customise it somehow  to play something a bit less harsh when a goal goes in.  Something like a “kerching” noise perhaps ?(unless its the underdog who has scored and then it could be followed by some sort of “sigh”?). I’ve nearly completed the 24th day of my “lay the draw ” project when I am aiming to compound daily and double my bank- yep all the stuff that everyone else does. I’ve purposely not […]

Ancelotti’s eyebrow….

was going into overdrive on Saturday after watching his faltering Chelsea team fail again. (If you don’t know what I mean then watch his left eyebrow when he is next on- its got a life of its own!). It was obvious that they were not going to win the moment I picked them in the Paddy Power last man standing comp. I’m glad that I chose to lay them as some form of “insurance” to make me feel better and also backed Arsenal and Sunderland as they were the most selected teams out of the remaining 13 people.Oh well…… A nice weekend for the Football Elite service which I currently […]

Snow joke

Pathetic headline but I’m looking for a job as the chief headline writer at the Daily Sport so thought I would give it a go……  Anyway back to the betting and despite the poor weather I’ve been able to keep myself busy with some nice trades on the cricket (I laid the draw as per previous post) and I also laid England to host the World cup as once the rumour mill had gone into overdrive and driven our price down to 2.34 it was to good to miss . If you look at in the cold light of day our bid had been a disaster from start to (almost […]

Corporal Jones…..

…. used to constantly shout “Don’t panic, don’t panic”  while running around in an agitated state in Dads army years ago. Firstly that’s definitely shows my age (even if I can claim to have been watching it on repeat!), secondly its something that could be aimed at a fair few of us in the betting blogosphere as having spent my breakfast catching up with a few of the blogs it seems that quite a few people have had  poor November. Various different reasons behind this of course but I for one have noticed lots of “unexpected” football scores that certainly will have knocked a few trades etc out. With the […]