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The rain in Spain…..

… falls mainly on the golf course that we had booked. Back from the annual trip and the fact that we were rained off on Saturday meant that I managed to be able to watch all of  the Man United  goal fest against Blackburn.  Blackburn just had an absolute shocker and when you let a goal in after 72 seconds at Old Trafford you are always going to struggle. Happy days for anyone who backed a certain Bulgarian to be the top premiership striker- remember this was a man who was dropped from the squad last week after being dire against Aston Villa! He was 50’s at one point and […]

Take the plunge?

An interesting few days of activity that has seen my account boosted nicely. I traded a 6 games using LTD at the weekend and would have had a greater return than £61 had it not been for late late goals in the Seville Majorca game on Sunday evening ( in which the dog score first just to complicate matters). I had actually submitted the bet and it was being processed when the last goal went in (I was laying the current score at something like 1.15 for £100 ) and the market was suspended. I also kicked myself (hindsight is a powerful tool that I must pay for the pro […]

Still here…

Well I’ve reached  some form of landmark as this blog is now sixty days old. Apparently that’s the average life expectancy for a blog and I now feel old!. At the time of writing this I’ve also had over 5000 page views which I got all excited about until I realised that includes all the spammers constantly leaving messages on the site. Luckily I’m not a sucker for a sales pitch other wise I would have bought hundreds of  kits that make my penis bigger, 672 designer handbags and lots of  ugg boots!! Will post tomorrow with an update on all weekends activity (McCoy Vodoo doll working well) but for […]

“McCoy bang in form”

Quoted today by one of the presenters on Timeform radio. “bang in form”? Really? Since I formalised my lay trial of his rides with certain rules  (here) he has had 21 rides that have met the criteria . Of those 21 rides he has had 2 winners (at 4.4 and 3.75). I’ve laid every single one as close as I can to the off (or in running if greater than 9 at start). My profit over those 21 races ? £294 The bullshit and cliches  that the industry comes up with  that is accepted as fact is sometimes quite frightening and while I’ve got nothing but admiration for the guy, […]


If your of a certain age (ie over 40) then you will have been bought up hearing all about the daring exploits of two absolute heroes James Hunt and Barry Sheene. These two were world champions in 1976 in formula one and 500cc bike racing and lived the complete playboy lifestyle off the track.  A fascinating documentary on their lives was shown on ITV on Monday night and I dare any male to watch it and not secretly wish they could change places with the guys . The excellent Cricket betting blog has done a quick write up of it here and it sums it up far better than I […]


I think the weekends football was probably a bit of a car crash for all concerned with a set of bizarre results that will have had the bookmakers again laughing all the way to the bank- you would certainly have caught a cold if you were an “odds on backer” with the results at Chelsea and Man City. I didn’t get involved as per my previous post but Sunday was a different story as there were a few games that fitted the LTD criteria. I’ve seen a few comments on various blogs about Ian Erskines LTD selections catching a cold and that was certainly the case with 0-0 games and […]


Saturday saw a rare day off from football trading as I treated myself to a day at the races. I’m not that into horse racing to honest so my trips to my local course are quite rare – especially strange considering that in the summer I can hear the commentaries if I open the office window as I’m that near. Being an “insider”  (according to my friends having this blog makes me some sort of industry expert) didn’t give me any particular insight into the races and in the main I drew blank, one of my friends has very close connections with all of the major bookmakers and despite receiving […]

Services I use

I’ve been mailed by a few people asking me about the various systems that I use so thought would list then here for future reference. Firstly let me say its very to spend a lot of money on all the various different get rich schemes that are constantly being pushed on the internet. The vast majority of these are utter rubbish and just reinventions of the same crap that are very professional marketed. Interestingly and rather ironically a whole new industry has sprung up recently reviewing these systems and professing to weed out the crap ones. No surprise that they charge you for this information!. Here is a list of […]


Had a day off from football trading on Thursday and Friday as there isn’t really a lot to get involved in so it was a small dabble on the horses as spotted a couple of nice opportunities of horse arbs resulting in a profit of £71.Some of the Australian companies are sometimes a bit slow to move their odds and as long as you don’t take the p**s and hit those lines too often you should be able to keep your account intact. I also managed to back a winner in the Bet365 feature race promotion so a further £45 into the coffers for about two minutes work with the […]

2steps forward….(and a book to be won)

Details on the free book at the end of the post- its not some crappy ebook promoting a service- its a betting book I read on holiday and may as well give it to someone who will appreciate it!) 2 steps forward and 1 back – or should it be the other way round? A frustrating couple of days with my LTD strategy that saw me lose £82.62 and in the process wipe out some of my previous good gains. I say frustrating as it was caused mainly by a £141 loss in the Spurs Sunderland game- this was pretty much my own fault (although Spurs comical defending must take […]