Ladbrokes Profits

I had to smile to myself when I opened the Ipad edition of the racing post tonight looking for the golf selections (not there – how difficult can it be?) Ladbrokes profits are down 33.7% on the figure for 2014 compared with the figure for 2013 which equates to something like £30 million, and this is despite them supposedly having a good World Cup. Compare this to Bet 365 who reported an increase by 81.5% . ok Bet 365 haven’t got  a retail arm but you can see they are worlds apart. Ladbrokes really are woeful in so many areas. My experience of betting over the counter with them at […]

Palmer to the rescue (take 3)

No not that Palmer. Its Ryan Palmer who has got the weekend off to an absolute booming start after being picked by Nic to be first round leader . Ok its a shame that Lee Westwood actually  remembered how to putt for a change however at 150/1 its a great start to the weekend. With Palmer also backed at 19/1 to be top 10 and a massive 200/1 to win it it could be an interesting few days  although with 37 players under par and therefore close there is a looong way to go yet. 54 holes to be precise. Its also the start of football season in the UK […]

Palmer losing the plot ? (take 2)

Or perhaps it’s just me? Hmmm – well perhaps I should just pen more articles being somewhat critical of Steve Palmer as at the weekend he managed to find two winners in the weekends golf. Fortunately for what little shred of credibility that I have left Max Kiefer didn’t “Let Germanys World Cup win inspire him” and could only finish 9th. Mr Palmer did, however, put forward David horsey as a selection despite not having made his last three cuts . Horsey duly did the business after leading pretty much all the way through although he did his best to throw it away and was only really rescued by a […]

Has Palmer lost it?

A strange title  perhaps considering that since my last post when I stated that Mr Palmer was 189 points down, he has found two winners. A  tad fortunate to see GMac  win in France at 12/1 but nothing  wrong  with  Brian Harman at a whopping 100/1 (although again a shame that this was only half a point). Add to that some decent placed golfers (Sergio quite unlucky I thought to run into Rory in that sort of form) and its a recovery of sorts, so why the doubting?. Last night I dutifully downloaded the Ipad app and backed his selections on the Canadian open (regular listeners will know that if […]

Its been a while…..

Its been a while since my last post  (35 days actually) and despite many peoples hopes, the blog hasnt withered away like so many others. its just that its just that Ive had a bit on. Its been a while since I was properly “fulltime” at this ( I’ve just finished a two year stint working back at the countries largest supplier of  Electronic gaming machines to LBO’s and Casinos). Its been a while  since the last Steve Palmer winner (March) and he is 189 points down this year already! Its been a while since the last World cup. I cant blooming wait! Lets hope we have some of this on […]

Dont let it slip…

When I wrote this on 22nd April I didn’t realise that I was perhaps being slightly premature: As a United fan its made ten times worse by the fact that a rampant and impressive Liverpool look like they will win the title after years of  waiting . So for the last time I bring you my favourite stat – “Liverpool have not won the league  since the backpass law was introduced”.  Wont be able to use that come the middle  of May. and far be it from me to laugh at United greatest rivals just as they looked like they may getting back on their famous perch but this piece […]


So the inevitable happened and Im sat here watching Sky Sports News going into complete overdrive regarding David Moyes sacking but as previously stated here it was clear he was massively out of his depth and I actually feel quite sorry for him. I’ve gone on record previously as saying  that I believe he was “sold a pup” by Sir Alex Ferguson  in terms of an aging squad that had been chronically under-invested in over the last 5 years and I’ll stand by that statement. There was a telling statistic which was trotted out on his 50th game in charge, in that time he had picked 50 different teams. He […]

Masters Day 2

Regular listeners will know that I’m a keen golf   fan so when the opportunity comes around to watch 4 whole evenings of absolute top quality golf and try and make some money out of it at the same time then Mrs Blogger is never going to win an argument to get me to go to Ikea. The Masters is a tournament that historically Ive always seemed to do well at although its definitely not without putting in some long nights. I make sure Im familiar with the course in  terms of which holes are playing easier etc and then also (and probably most importantly) keep a very close on […]

Out of depth?

Huge game tonight for David Moyes and I’m grateful for the always entertaining and knowledgeable   Hejik for stopping by the blog and posting the following comment . I do feel sorry for Moyes but the appointment was a quite bizarre one in the first place. I can’t see what they thought they were hiring in and all the evidence says hes not, nor ever has been, a Man Utd manager. What exactly does David Moyes bring to the table in terms of playing style? The man looks sick to me and clearly under immense strain. I do hope he turns it around as there’s long been calls for British […]

How times change …

A few years back Fred Done famously paid out on Man United to win the Premier league only for them to be overhauled by Arsenal, so its a sign of changing times when today Fred Done announced that they were refunding all bets on United  to win this years title. I’m not entirely sure what the rationale is behind this move (pity perhaps?) however its worrying when people take pity on you. I didn’t watch too much of yesterdays game due to being at a family function however I did watch the last few minutes and asked for the volume to be turned up at the end – why? To […]